• Rules Regarding Steel Targets

    Rules Regarding Steel Targets

    The steel chicken, pig, turkey, and ram targets represent a sizable monetary investment by the club, and willful damage to them will not be tolerated. Shooting at them with centerfire rifles puts holes and craters in them that must be welded up before they can be used in matches. Craters cause bullet fragments to be reflected straight back toward the firing line at high speed, where they have caused personal injury.

    During scheduled IHMSA silhouette matches only, rifles firing low-intensity cartridges and cast lead bullets are allowed to compete at the discretion of the match directors, providing that they do not damage the targets. Such shooting cannot be allowed at any other time, for the obvious reason that onlookers may assume that if your .44-40 is allowed, so is their .300 Weatherby.

    Steel targets are only allowed on ranges for club sponsored events.
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