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    The matches are held on the second Sunday of the months March through October. Except for the state match which is a two day match.

    The plinking range is closed on the day of the match.

    Saturday is open practice with matches on Sunday, starting around 9:00 am.

    Come out, shoot, and help out. We hope to see you on the range!

    Silhouette is in need of target setters. Please contact Margaret Curry at 785-841-2918

    Silhouette Matches 2013

    Set-Up & Practice*
    March 9
    March 10
    April 13
    April 14
    May 11
    May 12
    June 8
    June 9
    July 13
    July 14
    August 10
    August 11
    September 7
    September 8
    October 12
    October 13
    * Rifle Range CLOSED during set-up & practice.
    ** Rifle & Plinking Ranges CLOSED during match and tear-down.

    What is Metallic Silhouette Shooting?

    Metallic silhouette shooting is descended from an old Mexican pastime, popular at fiestas, where live animals were staked out and shot at with hunting rifles. After they were hit, they were butchered, cooked, and eaten. By 1948, the sport had been formalized, and metal cutouts of the animals were used. Later, it became popular in the southwestern U.S., and was adapted to handguns in the 1970s.

    Targets are set up in groups of 5 chickens, pigs, turkeys, and rams. Targets must be shot left to right, one shot each. Any target hit out of order is a miss. The target must be knocked down or pushed off the target stand in order to score a hit. Shooters are allowed to have a spotter with them. A complete match is 10 shots at each type of target, for a total of 40.

    Competition is broken down into categories comprising standing and freestyle positions, as well as handgun type, caliber, and sights. At Tri-County matches, we shoot the following:

    Small Bore: (.22LR only, shot at 25/50/75/100 Yards.) There are categories for scoped and iron sight pistols of all types, modified, and as-purchased. Targets are 3/8 scale.

    Field Pistol: Straight-wall pistol cartridges, shot at same distances as small bore, but standing only.) There are categories for scoped and iron sight pistols. Only minor modifications allowed. Targets are scale.

    Bigbore: (Open to virtually any cartridge that does not damage targets, shot at 50/100/150/200 meters.) Categories for any type gun and sighting, modified or as-purchased. Targets are life sized.

    Half-scale: Shot at the same distances as bigbore, but on half scale targets. There are only two categories: scoped, and unscoped. Most people shoot freestyle with unlimited (i.e. modified) guns.

    Rifle: (Cowboy-style with low intensity cartridges, and military bolt action rifles with cast bullets, shot standing on the bigbore targets. 22 LR rifles may be shot at the smallbore targets.)

    Within categories, shooters compete in classes with other shooters of similar skill. Practice is available on Saturday afternoon before the matches, and there are always experienced shooters to help you get started, and guns and ammunition to try out. Adjustable sights are recommended, as you will eventually want to develop sight settings for each distance. Binoculars or a spotting scope, a notebook to record sight data, and some sort of box or case to carry gun and ammo are good accessories to have.

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